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Our Process

Whether your rug is a treasured persian heirloom dating back generations, or a modern machine-made creation, the care we take when rug cleaning and sanitising remains the same. Let our rug cleaning experts share some of our tips with you.



Rug Pads


To prevent your rug from slipping on shiny floor surfaces, which may cause accidents to happen in the home, Plantation Rug Cleaning now offers a selection of rug pads and underlays.


As part of our complete rug cleaning service, Plantation Rug Cleaning can advise you on the right type of pad to suit your rug and the location. Popular choices include the Durahold pad, a lively combination of rubber and felt which offers just the right amount of cushioning for your rug.


Step 1: Inspection & Analysis

First we need to identify through careful inspection the construction of your rug and the exact composition of the fibres. Rugs are generally comprised of either wool, cotton, silk, synthetic, or natural plant fibres, and each one has it's own cleaning characteristics. At this stage, any specific stains, odours, and colouring are analysed to determine the exact process for cleaning.


Step 2: Duster & Vibration Dirt Removal

The first stage in the cleaning process is where we hand feed the rug through a duster machine which gently vibrates the remaining dirt from the pile. This is an important process because some dirt may be ground deep into the backing and therefore resistant to domestic vacuum cleaners. Correct removal of these particles is vital to allowing the rug pile to be raised, which in turn improves the ability of the fibres to be cleaned.


Step 3: Testing & Pre-Treatments

This next step involves both testing for the colour fastness of the dyes in your rug, as well as applying a pre-treatment to any stains using our unique and special solutions. In the hands of someone inexperienced, rug dyes can bleed when cleaned, similar to when you throw different coloured clothes together in the washing machine. Stains on the other hand can often be hidden to the naked eye. Similar to urine stains, they can sink deep into the fibres and become hard to shift. Rest assured the most stubborn of stains stand no chance against our special cleaning treatments.


Step 4: Pre-Spray

Next a pre-spray of cleaning agent ensures an even application over the rug and fringes. All our cleaning solutions are water based and bio-degradeable, and as close to ph neutral as possible. This means the fibres and dyes within the rug are not harshly treated or damaged during the cleaning process. To retain their soft silky finish all silk rugs are cleaned using our specialised products endorsed by the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute.


Step 5: Rotary Shampoo

Our expert cleaners then apply a rotary shampoo machine onto the rug by hand. It is critical each stage of the cleaning process is performed systematically to ensure the best results. We use rotary shampooing because it has a proven gentle buffing action on the rug fibres and assists greatly in final dirt particle removal.


Step 6: Rinsing

Once shampooed, the rug is then fed through our state-of-the-art rinsing machine. Soft jets of cold water wash away the shampoo solution, and the ringer process extracts the bulk of the remaining moisture from the rug.


Step 7: Drying and De-Humidifying

Inside our world-class temperature-controlled drying room, each rug is treated like a prince. The drying and de-humidifying process takes a few days depending on the composition of your rug. All rugs are moisture tested using our special moisture meters before being removed from our drying room. It is critical this stage is not rushed, so patience is required in order to guarantee a satisfactory result.


A final check for any remaining stains includes hand cleaning of all rug fringes. The rug is then re-vacuumed and groomed, and finally rolled ready for delivery back to you.


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Type of Rugs
              we Clean
Hand Made


  • Persian

  • Turkish

  • Chinese

  • Tribal

  • Bokhara

  • Caucasian

  • Flakoti

  • Pakistani



Machine Made


  • Decorator/Custom-Made

  • Karastan/Couristan

  • Sisal

  • Stark

  • Domestic Carpets

  • Belgium/Machine-Loomed

  • Shag

  • Wool



  • Indian

  • Kilim Moroccan

  • Camel/Mo-hair

  • Sheep Skin

  • Bear

  • Braided

  • Hooked

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