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Rug Repair 


Machine Serging


The edges of custom rugs/carpets can be treated with several attractive options, one of them is binding. Binding comes in hundreds of colors to match the carpeting.


They are pressure-dyed to resist fading, and are stain-resistant. Binding not only enhances the beauty of the carpet but will eliminate frayed edges thereby extending the life of your carpet. 

Serging by Hand


The sides of your Oriental rugs must be secured with wool, cotton or synthetic thread to protect them and keep them from unraveling. This process of serging gives your rug a fine finished appearance.


We offer both hand serging and machine serging depending on rug construction. Before we begin the serging process, we make sure your rug edges are solid enough. If your rug edges require repairs, we reinforce them prior to serging to add durability and make the repairs last.

Fringe Overcasting by Hand


This option is for rugs that have a fringe but may have lost knots, producing an unraveled, unsightly look.  The ends would first be unraveled down to an undamaged row of pile.  An interior hand stitch is then inserted.  



This stitch locks into the foundation of the rug to secure the final row and to create an even fringe.  This will preserve the rug by preventing further damage.  Several different decorative end stitches are also available to further enhance the appearance of the rug.

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